Fisker releases Ocean OS 2.0 OTA software update, enhancing performance and energy management

Fisker owners everywhere will soon be receiving a number of improvements for their electric SUVS as the automaker is preparing to release the first over-the-air (OTA) update for 2024, according to an official press statement. This comes a few months after the last update.

Fisker cars are powered by the Ocean OS and the company has reiterated its commitment to making them better. It was only December that the cars received version 1.11, but they are expecting version 2.0 already.

Features in this update include a new power distribution ratio between front and rear wheels from 50:50 to 45:55 for better traction and handling, replacement of Hill Hold with Automatic Vehicle Hold, which controls the brake, a new method to view the rate at which solar energy is being delivered the car, a stability mechanism for swaying trailers, multiple driver profiles, etc.

Changes in the automotive software include reduced loss of battery when the car is parked, improved heating and cooling when the vehicle is on Earth Mode, “Key fob performance enhancements, to improve response,” more accurate energy consumption calculation, and better odometer reading, ability to continue charging the battery while software update is in progress, etc.

Ocean OS 2.0 will be released to cars in North America and Europe in three stages starting next week. Fisker says there will be more updates this year. According to company chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker, “Our over-the-air software update strategy has shown the Fisker Ocean is a true connected car. Ocean OS 2.0 is a progressive update that demonstrates we can adapt and improve performance, energy management, and other key features in the Ocean. We’ll continue to activate new features on a regular cadence, use driver feedback to fix software bugs and improve features, and keep delivering on the promise to make your Ocean smarter, more capable, and perform better over the lifetime of the vehicle.“

Meanwhile, the NHTSA opened an investigation into the Ocean’s braking failures last month. Fisker produced 10,000 EVs last year, managing to deliver less than half.

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