Rivian expands R1 Shop to Canada, but only to reservation holders in BC for now

Rivian announced on Friday it has expanded its R1 Shop to Canada, giving reservation holders the opportunity to buy a R1S or R1T from existing inventory. The configuration might not be an exact match to their reservation, but it allows those customers willing to make a sacrifice the opportunity to jump the line and take delivery in a matter of weeks, or potentially even days.

Rivian first launched the R1 Shop in the US in June last year, with it at first being limited to the R1T pickup truck only as production of the R1S was still ramping. On Friday the company announced it had expanded to Canada, although in a statement the company later clarified that it had only launched for the “first cohort of Canadian customers” in BC with an existing preorder or reservation for the R1T. It was also stated the R1S would be added to the shop “very soon.”

According to some of those reservation holders in the Rivian Owners Canada Facebook group, there are several R1T pickup trucks available with delivery possible in 1-8 weeks. They are not cheap however, with prices as high as $119,550 for an R1T quad motor with a large battery pack and the Adventure package.

Part of the reason Rivian has only opened up the R1 Shop to BC reservation holders is the company’s limited service network. There is currently only one Service Center in Canada, and that’s in Richmond, BC. There are more planned for Alberta (Calgary) and Ontario (Vaughan), but the company has not yet announced when those will be opening.

Are you going to pickup your R1T from the R1 Shop? Let us know in the comments below.

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