Tesla increases Model S/X discounts to nearly $10,000 in Canada, $7,500 in the US

Tesla has increased the discounts available on new Model S and Model X cars in existing inventory, just in time for an end of quarter push.

Tesla started discounting their two flagship vehicles earlier this month, with discounts amounting to $6,500 in Canada and $5,000 in the US. Now with two weeks to go before the end of the quarter, the automaker has added even more to those discounts.

According to Tesla’s existing inventory website in Canada, Model S sedans and Model X SUVs are discounted to a maximum of $9,800 for new inventory vehicles. These discounts are available on both the Dual Motor and Plaid variants for each vehicle, meaning you can get yourself a Model S Dual Motor for as little as $114,450 or a Plaid for $142,140.

The savings are similar in the US, where the discount is now $7,500, a $2,500 increase from a few weeks ago.

But there’s more. Tesla is also running a limited time promotion where if you order one of these Model S or Model X vehicles with a referral code, you will also get another $1,300 CAD or $1,000 USD off your purchase price, plus three months of Full Self-Driving for free.

And there’s one more perk, three years of free Supercharging if you take delivery before June 30, 2023.

For Canadians the savings are even more when you consider the luxury tax, which is applied to vehicles priced above $100,000 and is calculated on the lesser of either 10% of the total purchase price or 20% of the total price above the $100,000 threshold.

In the case of the first Model S Plaid noted above the luxury tax adds $8,428 to the invoice, nearly $2,000 in additional savings compared to the $10,388 luxury tax if you were to custom configure one.

Add it all up and in that case the total savings would be $13,100, plus the 3 months of FSD and 3 years of free Supercharging. Not a bad deal if you can find one in a configuration that suits your needs.

If you aren’t picky and don’t mind a car with a few kilometers on it, you can also pick up a demo Model S or Model X, which are also discounted up to $12,480 for the Model S and $12,210 for the Model X.

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