Fisker facing 2nd NHTSA probe over Ocean SUV rolling away

Fisker is facing its second probe by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) after complaints that the company’s Ocean SUV was rolling away unintended.

One case of injury has been reported.

Four complaints of the Fisker Ocean rolling away unexpectedly have been logged at the NHTSA, prompting the agency’s second investigation about the company’s only product. The first complaint was opened about a month ago over a sudden loss of braking capabilities, which, according to Fisker, would be resolved by a software update.

The fresh complaint about rolling away occurred when the Ocean SUV was trying to shift into or out of park. According to an owner, his Ocean would sometimes slip into neutral even though he wanted to park, making his car roll back. This particular owner was reportedly knocked down after exiting the car while the driver-side door was open. They were barely able to jump in and halt before hitting another vehicle.

Other owners have complained of the Ocean’s hood flying up. The electric car has been plagued by many technical issues, and owners have said the automaker has been unresponsive.

Fisker released version 2 of its Ocean OS as an over-the-air update earlier this month, with owners expected to start getting it this week.

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