Rivian confirms it has completed repairs on most recalled vehicles

Earlier this month, we reported on a massive Rivian recall that impacted virtually all of the vehicles they had made since the start of production last year.

According to CEO RJ Scaringe, the automaker has completed repairs on a “large majority” of those vehicles.

The recall was for 13,000 R1S and R1T vehicles that could have had a loose fastener in the steering column.

The loose fastener, in turn, could cause the tires to sag, vibrate, tilt or, in the worst-case scenario, lead to a loss of steering control.

In an interview with TechCrunch this week, Scaringe, said they were able to mobilize their service units and complete the majority of the repairs in the first 10 days:

Every manufacturer deals with a particular version of this [back end data logging], and for us, this was something where we identified a potential problem that we said we wanted to get out as soon as possible. So the moment we saw a potential problem, we made a decision. It was Friday afternoon to make the move. By Friday evening, repairs were underway. We worked through a large majority of the vehicles for the next 10 days. We literally mobilized our entire service network to say let’s go through these vehicles really fast. In this case, it was a bit of a fix. It just checks the torque faster.

When asked about the frustration from customers, Scaringe noted that:

We were honest about it, we didn’t cover it up. We said we were going to fix this. And so in fact there was something really positive.

At least to say, it is good to hear that the fix is easy and that Rivian owners can quickly get it done.

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