Rivian is planning to build a factory in Georgia, but can’t directly sell their vehicles there

Rivian might be building their R1T and R1S in Georgia in the years to come, but at the present moment, the EV automaker is unable to sell their vehicles in the state directly to consumers.

Current Georgia law prohibits automakers from selling cars directly to customers. However, with Tesla and Rivian along with other EV companies foregoing the traditional dealership model, Georgia lawmakers are trying to update the law a second time.

Senate Bill 398 would permit direct sales for automakers. Georgia Senators hope to get this through both houses of the state legislature soon enough, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Tesla lobbied the Georgia legislature back in 2015 for a similar change, but it was only granted permission to open five locations in the state. However, Rivian does have an advantage as the company will be building in the state, not just selling.

This is not the first time that these laws have become an issue. Tesla, for its part, is building Giga Texas and is currently unable to sell to consumers in the Lone Star State due to a similar law.

Rivian plans to build a set of showrooms across the United States. However, those showrooms will not stock an inventory of cars. Nor will they provide maintenance services.

Instead, they will act as information and activity hubs as part of Rivian’s Membership program.

There is no word on the probability of S398 passing. However,  Rivian is hopeful that they will sell in the Peach state soon enough.

RIvian’s Georgia plant is facing some community opposition

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