Ford Mach-E battery issues leave some customers with bricked cars

Ford Mach-E

Some Ford Mach E owners have found fault with the 12-volt battery system. While plugged in overnight, some owners will find their vehicles in Deep Sleep Mode.

This is because the Mach E 12-volt battery is charged by siphoning off energy from the high-voltage battery during operation. While charging, the 12-volt is supposed to be able to do the same thing.

However, for some vehicles, the onboard computer was not letting the 12-volt siphon off a charge. The result was the car entered Deep Sleep Mode.

This Deep Sleep Mode is an issue, as the vehicle will not start without a functioning 12-volt battery. You can jump the 12- volt, but you need to get into the frunk. The issue is that the Mach E Frunk latch is electric and can’t be easily opened manually.

Ford released a technical service bulletin that allows dealerships to sort out the issue at their level. The vehicle manufacture has not issued a recall, but one may come if the problem persists.

Source: The Verge via Road Show

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