Tesla explains how Drag Strip Mode works in new video

Tesla has shown off Drag Strip Mode in a Model S Plaid in a new YouTube video released this week. In the video, Chris, from the Tesla Performance Engineering team, explains precisely what Drag Strip Mode does to the vehicle to ensure you get the best time down the track.

First and foremost, the cooling fans turn on to start cooling the motors in preparation for take off as the motors deliver the most power when they are cool. The vehicle will also warm up the battery pack just a little bit to get it into its optimal range.

Once you pull up to the line, the Model S Plaid will go into Cheetah stance, which will help deliver a clean launch. The front of the vehicle will lower to give more traction to the front of the vehicle to improve launch performance off the line.

Drag Strip Mode can be enabled by going into the Touch Controls – Pedals and Steering – Drag Strip Mode. However, it goes without saying that you should only use Drag Strip Mode on a sanctioned drag strip.

Check out the full video down below.

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