Pre-Refresh Model S and Model X left out of some Holiday Update features

Not all Tesla’s will receive all of the features with this latest Holiday Update. As per Tesla, several features will not be available for legacy Model S and X.

Tesla released the details on their blog introducing software version 11.0.

The following features will work with all legacy Model S and X’s.

  • Dark Mode
  • Customizable App Launcher
  • Hide Map Details
  • Cold Weather Improvements

While other features will need specific processors or gear to work.

For instance, those Model X and S owners who have Intel Atom Processor’s can use:

  • Subwoofer Turnability
  • Edit Waypoints
  • TikTok
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Battle of Polytopia Multiplayer
  • Sodoku

Moreover, legacy Model X and S owners will need Adaptive Suspension to use the Autopilot Comfort Dampening feature.

In addition, the vehicle will need a dashcam to manage dashcam clips.

Finally, the vehicle will need an external speaker to use the Boombox Megaphone.

However, several features will not work on the legacy models. These include:

  • Car Wash Mode
  • Auto Seat Heaters
  • Sentry Model Live Camera Access
  • Blind Spot Camera
  • Simplified Controls
  • Light Show

Software Version 11.0 was the largest holiday release the company have ever done.

The update included a new light show function, games and entertainment experiences, and user-interface design.

The update is currently available and is downloadable over the air.

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