Tesla Holiday Light Show on Model S, Model 3, Model Y

Tesla released their annual Holiday Software Update last night, with one of the most highly anticipated features being the Light Show.

The Light Show is an Easter Egg that has been included in the Model X for a number of years. What makes it special on the Model X are the Falcon Wing Doors, which flap up and down like the car is trying to fly.

While the Model S, Model 3, and Model Y don’t have Falcon Wing doors, Tesla has made some adjustments to make the Light Show as fun as it can be on the other cars.

They also included an extra bonus for Model 3/Y owners with the new headlights, which can only be discovered if the car is facing a wall. You can check out a video of that here.

Check out the videos below, which show the power trunk and windows opening and closing, mirrors folding in and out, and more.

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