Tesla adds helpful tip to mobile app


Tesla recently added a new feature to the mobile app to help out new owners, and possibly even existing owners.

While it wasn’t included in the release notes, a new pop-up message appears when using the app to open your charge port door.

When you tap the button to open/close it, a “Did you know?” message lets you know you can also press the charging handle button to open it. (h/t: @3Y6IX)


According to Drive Tesla reader Alpha_Stream, who decompiled the app for us, this is currently the only tip, and has been included since version 4.4.0 was released on December 13.

Tesla has since released a newer version, v4.4.2, last night.

This isn’t the only way Tesla has been attempting to help new owners. They also recently added Supercharging tips to help improve the charging experience.


#Drive tutorial
#Drive tutorial

Hopefully Tesla adds more of these tips in future releases of the mobile app.

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