Custom Tesla Light Show Library

light show

All files are zipped with the required .fsep and .mp3 files. Simply save the two files to a USB drive, plug in to your car, and enjoy! Note that you can only have one Light Show per USB drive.

Preview (by Kaasvlindert)

Preview (by Anders Jorsal)

Preview (by @RahulSen)

Preview (by @RahulSen)

No preview (by David Schwindt)

Preview (by @ohjimme)

Preview (by u/_leonbecker_)

Preview (by @dionsis)

Preview (by @carforce247)

Preview (by @spaceXrave)

Preview (by @spaceXrave)

Preview (by Todos Eléctricos)

No preview (by @ScottKurtzeborn)

More coming soon!

Have a custom Light Show you’d like to share? Email the files to and we’ll add it here!

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