Porsche hopes to produce equal amounts of the Macan EV and ICE version

Although the Porsche Macan EV is still under development, it looks like Porsche is already planning some interesting changes to production plans.

As per an interview with Automobilwoche magazine, a Porsche executive hinted that production numbers of the EV and ICE versions of the Macan would be similar.

In the interview, Porsche Production Chief Albrecht Reimold said this:

We produce more than 80,000 units of today’s generation, and in the long-term, we also plan to produce as many of the all-electric Macan.

The Macan SUV is one of the best-selling Porsche’s, and the company plans to have equal success with its all-electric version.

Currently, Porsche only has a single electric option, the Porsche Taycan coupe.

In July 2021, the company announced that a software issue with Cariad could delay the Macan launch.

To keep momentum on the electrification of the brand.

Porsche announced earlier this year that the company is bringing an all-electric version of the Porsche 718 sportscar and an SUV with a third-row by the mid-decade.

The Porsche Macan is still under development but will share the new Premium Platform Electric platform with the Audi Q6 e-Tron.

We have seen the Macan prototype testing, but we have yet to see the vehicle officially launched.

Many expect the Macan all-electric SUV to make its premiere late this year, with a launch in early 2024.

However, nothing has been confirmed from Porsche as of yet.

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