Polestar Canada begins offering test drives in Montreal and Toronto, Vancouver coming soon

While the Polestar 2 launch in Canada and the US has been delayed, the automaker has now started booking test drives of the electric vehicle.

In an email sent yesterday to reservation holders, Polestar says it is launching “on-demand test drives” in the Greater Toronto area and Greater Montreal area. For Polestar 2 hopefuls on the west coast, test drives will be available there soon.

Polestar Canada test drives
Image via Stephen Weppler /Facebook

It looks like the new EV might be quite popular, because as of the time of publication it appears all available time slots have been taken, and the scheduler is showing as “Fully booked.”Polestar test drives booked

The road to the launch of the Polestar 2 in North America has been a bit of a bumpy one. Originally scheduled to launch in both Canada and the US in August, reservation holders are still waiting for their deliveries.

Reservation holders were also hoping the Polestar 2 with its 78kWh battery pack could rival the Tesla Model 3 (75kwH) in range . Unfortunately, the estimate that was first revealed on Natural Resources Canada’s online tool, and then later on the EPA website, is a disappointing 375km (233 miles).

Compounding the problems is an apparent software issue that caused a “critical” error in the EV, forcing it to shut down while driving. The problem has led to a recall of all 2,200+ Polestar 2’s already sold.

The Polestar 2 has a base price of $69,900 CDN and will feature 408 horsepower and 487lb-ft of torque. Customers can order online, or soon visit one of three sales centers, known as ‘Spaces’, in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

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