Tesla Cybertruck deliveries in Canada likely not to start until 2025

Tesla fans in Canada hoping they might be able to take delivery of their Cybertruck in 2024 might need to prepare for a longer than expected wait. Based on comments made during Tesla’s Q4 2023 earnings call, it looks like the first deliveries aren’t going to start until some point in 2025.

Tesla started deliveries of the Cybertruck on November 30 last year, handing over 10 trucks to hand picked customers during a special delivery event at Giga Texas. Soon after the company started allowing customers in California and Texas to place orders for a Foundation Series Cybertruck, later expanding that to more customers in other states across the country, while starting deliveries to employees.

Since then the company has expanded deliveries to regular customers, while still sending out emails inviting reservation holders to finalize their configuration. Unfortunately none of those emails have gone to Canadian customers, and if they don’t start sending them soon, we won’t see any Cybertruck deliveries north of the border until 2025.

One of the questions asked during the earnings call was about the total number of Cybertruck reservations, and when the company expects to be able to fulfill all of them.

While Senior Vice President of Automotive Tom Zhu didn’t reveal how many Cybertruck reservations there are, he did say that they expect to fulfill their 2024 production allotment soon.

The reservation to order conversion rate has so far been very very encouraging. If the trend continues, as it very likely to be, we will soon sell out all the builds in 2024.

Tom Zhu

This means that anyone who doesn’t convert their reservation into an order soon will not get their Cybertruck until 2025 because all of the trucks that Tesla can build in 2024 will already be accounted for.

According to their Q4 2023 shareholder deck Giga Texas’ Cybertruck production capacity is at less than 125,000 units. How far under that number is unknown, but based on the latest information it is expected to be between 50,000 and 75,000.

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