First Model Y’s delivered to owners in Japan

After a few months of anticipation, the first Tesla Model Y’s are officially on the road in Japan.

Earlier this morning, the first Model Y’s were delivered to owners throughout the country.

We reported back in late September that hundreds of Model Y‘s were spotted driving off the roll-on roll-off vessel Trans Harmony 1 in Yokohama, Japan.

However, we also noted that only Rear-Wheel Drive versions of the Model Y were included in that shipment.

Nonetheless, Tesla Japan turned the vehicles around quickly, and started deliveries today with much fanfare.

New owners took to Twitter to celebrate the arrival of their vehicles.

While Tesla Japan had a pick-up ceremony with staff and media on-hand to celebrate the first deliveries to customers.

The deliveries of the Model Y’s wraps up one of the most anticipated launches for Tesla.

Back in June, Tesla opened up orders in Japan, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand.

However, before the shipment that arrived in September, Japan had still not seen a single Model Y delivered.

We have not seen a timetable on when the AWD Model Y’s will arrive in Japan, but with Giga Shanghai’s current output, we are sure it will be sooner rather than later.

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