Our first glimpse at the Tesla Semi battery pack and thermal management system

We have finally seen our first glimpse of the Tesla Semi battery pack and thermal management system.

A few weeks after the Tesla Semi’s first deliveries to Pepsi and Frito-Lay in December, we now have some in-depth diagrams that look like they come from Tesla’s parts catalogue.

Tesla hacker @greentheonly posted images showcasing the new technology on Twitter.

Per his post, the battery is modular, allowing for certain modules to be replaced if necessary, and potentially fewer modules to be installed for Tesla Semi’s with less range. Based on figures shared by Elon Musk we estimated the battery pack is somewhere around 900kWh or maybe even 950kWh in size.

The numbers show gross vehicle weight, tire size and even tire pressure.

Although there were a lot of hot takes on the numbers, particularly the Semi trucks weight, it is great to see these exact numbers finally come up.

There was a lot of fanfare with the delivery, but we are still unsure which companies will receive Tesla Semi trucks in 2023.

Tesla, for its sake, has not provided production numbers for 2023, but we have seen numbers in the hundreds to the thousands by 2024.

Only time will tell, but we know the Tesla Semi order book is strong, which is a positive for the company. It is not pumping out the Semi like they do their vehicles.

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