Tesla secures lease for 660,000 square feet warehouse space in Illinois

Tesla’s vehicle sales are growing exponentially, and with more cars on the road the automaker needs more space to store spare parts. As part of that growth, Tesla has recently signed a lease for a massive new warehouse in Illinois.

According to commercial real estate firm CBRE, Tesla signed a lease for a 660,000 square foot warehouse space at the Gateway Tradeport development in Pontoon Beach, Illinois, just outside of St Louis at some point between July and September, 2022. (via St. Louis Business Journal)

The firm says Tesla will soon be occupying Building 4 of the development, which encompasses more than half of the 1.1 million total square feet. Building 4 is still under construction, so we don’t know exactly what Tesla plans to do with the massive space, but job postings indicate it will be a parts distribution warehouse.

Although there are no job postings on Tesla’s Careers website, there are several jobs based in Pontoon Beach posted on Linkedin, ranging from an ‘Inventory Control Specialist” to a ‘Material Handler.’

The job descriptions all talk about working in a warehouse and being part of the Distribution & Fulfillment group, with some even specifically saying the successful candidate will be working in a ‘Parts Distribution Warehouse.

Once it is up and running some of the parts in this warehouse could be heading just across the Mississippi River to St. Louis, where the automaker is currently converting a furniture store into a new Sales, Service, and Delivery Center.

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