Ontario man uses Ford F-150 Lightning to power home for close to two days

As much of southern Ontario plunged into darkness, one man decided to use his Ford F-150 Lightning to power his home.

Per a post on Reddit, user RapsFanLJ used his F-150 Lightning to power his home during the recent ice and wind storm.

He ran two cords with splitters from the F-150 to run the following:

  • Fridges
  • Freezers
  • WiFi
  • Select Lights
  • TV

He ran the F-150 Lightning for nearly two days, and the battery of the vehicle only dropped to 65 per cent.

At least to say, this is impressive.

One user noted that it would be nice to add a generator mode setting that would shut down the instrument cluster, lights and HVAC and only run needed systems to preserve power.

The user noted that he has a gas generator but decided to test the truck, which worked well.

He did not have to worry about finding gas, getting it started or ensuring it was correctly vented.

Instead, he simply got to plug a couple of cables into the back of the Lightning, and he was good.

If you were in Southern Ontario, did you also wire up your EV?

If so, send us a picture of your setup and let us know how it went!

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