City of Regina gets first EV, a Ford F-150 Lightning

The City of Regina unveiled its newest procurement to its city fleet, an all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning.

The City of Regina Parks Department will use the F-150 Lightning before it transitions to the Roadways Department for the winter.

Regina’s Mayor, Sandra Masters, was on hand at the handover ceremony and said this:

We understand the need to act and we’re going to achieve our goal of becoming a net-zero city by 2050. Regina’s Energy and Sustainability Plan will be realized when the recommendations within the report become actions by the City and by the community.

Although the upfront costs of the truck were a little more than their gas and diesel cousins, the overall cost savings will make it worth it.

The city estimates that the F-150 Lightning should net the city around $20,000 over the lifetime of the vehicle.

As Regina is working towards a greener city, one of the main things the city will do is monitor how the truck does in the winter.

Regina is infamously cold, and if the F-150 Lightning does well in the winter, it could speed up the transition to electric for the city fleet.

The current plan is to transition to all-electric procurements by 2035, but if EVs can perform in winter, that timeline may be sped up.

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