Financial Times names Elon Musk “Person of the Year”

The Financial Times has named Elon Musk the “Person of the Year”. The newspaper commended the Tesla CEO on transforming the electric vehicle industry.

Financial Time’s credited Musk for demonstrating that EVs could replace cars fueled by gasoline in their column announcing the award. The also further called him a revolutionary in the automotive industry.

It has been a busy few weeks for the SpaceX and Tesla CEO.

Earlier this week, Time magazine named Musk the “Person of the Year”. In addition, Musk cemented his world’s richest person title as Tesla passed a $1 trillion evaluation.

The evaluation makes Tesla more valuable than Ford and General Motors combined.

Musk is not one to shy away from the spotlight, which is part of the reason that the Financial Time’s named him their “Person of the Year”. He is a notorious tweeter and announces upcoming changes to SpaceX and Tesla and his love for cryptocurrencies and meme stocks on the platform.

Musk even hosted Saturday Night Live this year.

However, things are not all rosy for the Tesla CEO. Musk has come under fire for not paying his fair share of US tax, even though he will be paying more taxes this year (estimated at $15 billion) than any other US citizen in history.

At least to say, Musk is certainly worthy of the title “Person of the Year” from the Financial Times.

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