Giga Nevada see leadership change as Megapack and Powerwall production increases

Giga Nevada is often Tesla’s forgotten child, overshadowed by the company’s vehicle factories in Fremont, Shanghai, Berlin, and Texas. However, the factory in Sparks, Nevada plays a critical role in Tesla’s ecosystem, producing not only battery energy storage systems, but also drive units for its vehicles.

As the Gigafactory approaches its seventh year in operation, it has undergone a big leadership change. According to details of an internal meeting at the factory on Thursday obtained by CNBC, Former Vice President of Gigafactory Operations, Chris Lister is no longer with the company.

Lister had been with Tesla and involved wtih Giga Nevada since 2017, soon after the factory opened. He hasn’t updated his Linkedin profile to indicate if he has taken on a new position elsewhere.

Replacing Lister is Hrushikesh “Hrushi” Sagar, who’s new title is Senior Director, Vehicle Operations and Manufacturing Engineering. Sagar has been with Tesla since 2015 and will report directly to Elon Musk.

Along with his new Giga Nevada responsibilities, he will also oversee the Fremont factory.

Megapack and Powerwall Production Ramps Up

Despite the leadership change, Giga Nevada is firing on all cylinders and Megapack and Powerwall production is increasing substantially.

Tesla Energy Leader Matt Reddick also spoke during Thursday’s meeting, revealing that Giga Nevada can now produce 42 Megapacks per week. Additionally, the company is on track to produce 442 Megapacks in Q3 2022, amounting to a massive 85% increase over Q2 2022.

Powerwall production has also seen a large increase in production, now able to produce 6,500 units every week. Q3 Powerwall production is expected to hit 37,600 units, a 33% increase over Q2.

This increase in Powerwall production will likely translate into customers being able to purchase the battery energy storage systems for their homes without needing to also purchase a solar system at the same time.

Elon Musk hinted earlier this week that could happen before the end of the year.

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