Tesla officially begins hiring for its China Design Center

Tesla’s expansion in China has come at a rapid pace. The first phase of the Giga Shanghai facility was built in just 11 months. The second phase is under construction and nearly complete. Sales of made-in-China Model 3’s have been increasing steadily after coronavirus shutdowns early in the year.

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk was on hand to deliver the first made-in-China Model 3’s earlier this year, he made the surprise announcement that he wanted to hire a team of designer and engineers to create new, original electric vehicles (EVs).

Now Tesla is following through on that by beginning to hire for the upcoming China Design Center, the first of its kind for the automaker outside the US.

The job postings are for 11 positions, ranging from Design Manager, Creative Manager, Design Quality Specialist, Graphic Designer, and Videographer.

According to a translation of the job postings by @Ray4Tesla, Tesla is enticing creative applications by using phrases like “There’s no set design formula. It’s up to you to create,” and “Break free from the conventional design shackles and redefine the EV design language.”

This isn’t the first step Tesla has made toward its eventual goal of opening a Design Center. Earlier this year the automaker used its official WeChat account to post a recruitment notice for designers and other staff to help create “Chinese-style” electric vehicles.

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