Tesla Powerwall installations reach 250,000 worldwide

Tesla has reached a huge milestone for its Energy division, announcing this afternoon they have reached 250,000 Powerwall installations around the world.

What makes the achievement most impressive is the rate at which the company has been able to ramp production and installation in recent years, even in the face of supply chain shortages.

It wasn’t until May 2020 when the company reached 100,000 installations, five years after the product was first announced by CEO Elon Musk in April 2015.

It then took just one year to add another 100,000 installations, announced in May 26 2021 from their official Twitter account.


Now it has taken another six months to reach 250,000 installations, a figure that was again announced on Twitter.


The statistics show that despite battery cell supply chain shortages and the impacts of COVID-19, Tesla has been able to maintain a pace of 100,000 installations per year over the last 18 months.

The latest version of the Powerwall, known as the Powerwall+ was introduced earlier this year. Up to 10 units can be combined to expand the storage capacity and power of the system.

It is popular not just in homes, but also in small scale commercial operations. The Hillsea Industrial Estates in the United Kingdom, maxed out the system and added 10 Powerwalls earlier this year to store up to 135kWh of electricity.

Largest Tesla Powerwall installation in the UK goes online

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