NR Can funds 92 EV chargers in Thunder Bay, Ontario

Natural Resources Canada has announced a $500,000 investment in the Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Inc.

The investment will see 92 new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the Thunder Bay region.

With the addition of 92 chargers, the total number of available charging stations in Thunder Bay will increase to nearly 150.

The Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission will administer the bidding process for the new chargers.

The application process will start in the next few weeks. The commission will rank and assess each application based on its value for residents.

The commission also hopes to balance public, private and high-density housing access to EV chargers in the community.

Thunder Bay-Superior North MP Patty Hajdu said at the announcement:

“Although there are some charging ports, it is important that people have it in their places of work at home, all kinds of places where they can plug in and recharge. This project hopefully will give people in Thunder Bay the confidence that if they purchase the vehicle, there’ll be lots of options for them.” 

Once the work is done selection locations, the commission will then start to map EV chargers. They hope to produce a detailed map of charging locations before construction begins in March 2023.

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