Plug-in Thunder Bay Program for EV Charging Stations Announced

The Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC) announced a new funding program for the northwestern Ontario community. The program, called ‘Plug-In Thunder Bay’, secured funding through the federal government.

The program’s goal is to install at least 60 new Level 2 or Level 3 chargers in the community. To do this, Plug-In Thunder Bay will cover up to 50% of purchase and installation costs. As per the CEDC, the commission can support up to $1 million in EV infrastructure.

CEDC noted they want to support business owners, property owners, academic institutions, Indigenous groups, and institutions in the community. While also moving towards Earth Care Thunder Bay’s goal of a carbon-neutral future.

As per CEDC, the program is meant to support EV charging station projects in:

  • Public places
  • Workplaces
  • On-street locations
  • Light-duty vehicle fleets
  • Multi-unit residential buildings

CEDC is accepting applications to the program until December 17, 2021.

Interested parties should check out the CEDC website for more information such as eligibility, maximum funding amounts, eligible projects and technology and an applicants guide.

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