NR Can announces next round of funding for EV awareness

The Minister of Natural Resources Canada announced another round of funding from the federal government for EV awareness. Natural Resources Canada will provide more than $450,000 split between two organizations to support zero-emission vehicle awareness projects.

Electric Autonomy Canada receives $176,375 to develop and launch an awareness initiative for light and medium-duty fleets. The project will showcase the benefits of electric vehicles.

The platform will provide tools and education to help these small and medium enterprises prepare for the transition to fleet electrification across Canada. The project will include learning modules, real-world case studies, best practices and video resources to educate and empower fleet owners and operators to transition to zero-emission vehicles.

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) receives $285,000 to develop an interactive EV Buyer’s Guide for Canadians. The Buyer’s Guide will provide information on critical elements of EV ownership. CAA hopes that once Canadians have the information, they can be confident in their decision to buy an EV.

Both of these projects received funding from the Zero-Emission Vehicle Awareness Initiative. The program supports projects aiming to increase awareness, public confidence and knowledge in zero-emission vehicles.

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