Non-Tesla EV owners quickly find out how easy fast charging should be with the Supercharger network and Magic Dock

Tesla opened up its Supercharger network to other electric vehicles (EV) yesterday, instantly providing owners of non-Tesla EVs access to the fast and reliable Supercharger network. It didn’t take long for EV owners to try out the Magic Dock and so far the experience has been seamless, giving them a glimpse into how easy public fast charging should be.

Being an owner of a non-Tesla EV can be frustrating when it comes to finding a reliable fast charging network with many public charging stations frequently being out of order. Making the experience even worse is that the poor reliability extends beyond just the charging hardware, but also to the software that goes with it to process payments. Owners also have to carry multiple charging cards or download multiple apps, or both (if it even works) in order to charge.

With the Supercharger network and the Magic Dock Tesla has been able to create an experience almost as seamless for non-Tesla owners as it is for Tesla owners. For the first time all they have to do is download the Tesla mobile app and create an account and add a credit card on file. From there they simply have to select the site and then the stall number, and tap unlock adapter. The Magic Dock will then be unlocked and the EV owner can plug in and start charging.

Owners were quick to find the experience is just as easy as the simple instructions included in the app. What makes this remarkable is that Tesla has been able to create a charging experience for non-Tesla EV owners that is far superior in its simplicity, reliability, and ease of use than all existing third-party charging network. This will hopefully give those third-party providers the necessary push to improve their own hardware and software to match as best they can the experience Tesla has created overnight.

Right now the non-Tesla Supercharger network in the US consists of just 10 stations, 8 in New York and 2 in California. That number should ramp up quickly however based on how quick and easy the retrofit process to add the Magic Dock is.

Several EV owners documents their experiences on the first day the network was open to them. Below are some videos of a Rivian R1T, Ford F-150 Lightning and others using the Magic Dock.

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