Tesla exonerated in another supposed ‘brake failure’ case in China

The evidence has once again proven that claims of brake failure in Tesla cars in China are false. An investigation into a Model Y crash in November that left two people dead and three others injured was the result of the driver mistakenly pressing the accelerator pedal.

The crash occurred in the southern province of Guangdong on November 5. Surveillance footage from nearby cameras shows the driver attempting to pull over and stop in front of his shop. However before he can come to a complete stop the car accelerates and reaches extremely high speeds resulting in the driver swerving around slow moving traffic before eventually hitting and killing a motorcyclist and a high school girl.

In the aftermath the driver’s family claimed he had issues with the brake pedal and could not stop the vehicle. But an investigation has proven those claims are false.

A forensics report made public on Wednesday found that the accelerator was fully pressed and no pressure was applied to the brakes the entire time during the incident, including in the last five seconds before the crash. The data also revealed the car reached a top speed of 164km/h just before impact. (via @Moneyball_R)

This isn’t the first time claims of brake failure has been proven false. Last year an owner admitted to fabricating facts in another ‘brake failure’ case in which a Model 3 lost control and hit a dozen cars before coming to a stop. The owner later posted short videos claiming that his vehicle suddenly accelerated and the brakes failed. The driver eventually lost a court case where he had to issue a formal apology to Tesla and pay a 50,000RMB fine.

There was a similar story for a Model X owner, who last year lost a defamation case brought by Tesla after he claimed the brakes on his electric SUV failed. That owner also had to issue a public apology and pay a 10,000RMB fine.

These legal actions came after Tesla China hired numerous employees in different positions to combat reports of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) in the country.

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