Nissan reports 3,300 sales of electric Ariyas in Canada and the US in Q1 2023

2023 Nissan ARIYA. U.S. Model Shown
Credit: Nissan

Nissan has officially reported its sales figures for the first quarter of 2023. While the brand’s EV sales are still a fraction of its total output, the automaker’s first electric crossover, the Ariya, moved more than 3,000 units in Canada and the US in the first full quarter it was available.

Nissan launched Ariya sales in Canada in January, and ended up selling 436 units across the country during the first three months of 2023. Across the border in the US, Nissan sold 2,860 Ariya crossovers, for a combined North American a total of 3,296.

The Ariya became available in the US near the end of 2022, with 201 units delivered in the last quarter.

The road, however, has not been smooth for the highly anticipated electric car. It has been plagued by a steering wheel issue, leading to a recall of over 1,100 units in Canada and the US for fear the wheel might fall out.

Nissan expected production to increase to 30,000 units in 2023. However, the company later warned dealers the EV would be in short supply for the year. We reported that Nissan is facing production issues that cut production to only a third of its plans, preventing the company from profiting from the buzz surrounding the highly anticipated car. The problems are related to Nissan’s new “intelligent factory” and supply chain issues.

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