Largest Tesla Powerwall installation in the UK goes online

Tesla Powerwall UK Portsmouth

The largest Tesla Powerwall installation in Europe is now online helping to make an industrial area in Portsmouth a little greener.

The Hillsea Industrial Estates already had a 50kW roof-top solar system installed in 2016. As part of the city council’s target of net zero carbon by 2030, the solar installation was recently expanded to 250kW.

To make the most use of the power generated by the 738 solar panels, a total of 10 Tesla Powerwall batteries were also installed, giving it the title of the largest operational Powerwall installation in the UK.

When full, the batteries can store up to 135kWh of electricity, which will be enough to reduce the industrial area’s reliance on the grid by almost 50%. Combined, the solar and Powerwall system will reduce carbon emissions by 69 tonnes per year.

Not only will the batteries be used to store power generated by the solar panels, they will also store electricity at night during off-peak hours, helping to save even more money.

It is expected that during the summer months, almost all of the power required for the industrial site will come from the installation.

This isn’t the first project by the Portsmouth City Council involving Tesla. In recent years council has installed 13 Powerwalls in residential apartment buildings, and plans to install 20 more, reports the energyst.

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