Tesla Model S Plaid to gain new Sport seats

Tesla looks like they are venturing into the world of offering special custom seats for the high performance versions of their vehicles as new Sport seats have now also been spotted for the Model S Plaid.

Last week we told you about the new Model 3 Ludicrous, the suspected new version of the Performance variant through the Project Highland refresh, and that based on an image in the source code of the latest software update it looked like it was going to be getting newly designed ‘Sport’ front seats with beefier side bolsters.

Now it looks like it won’t just be the Model 3, but also the Model S Plaid that is going to be getting these new Sport seats.

As with the leak earlier this month, this leak also comes from one of Tesla’s manuals, this time the Service Manual. First spotted by Redditor u/S3pirion, the “Seats” section of the manual now has two separate front seats listed, with the new one being denoted as a “Sport Seat.”

The manual details how to remove and replace the seats and includes a series of photos, revealing there will be a Plaid logo just below the headrest.

Unfortunately we don’t get to see a full photo of the front of the seat, but we do get to see enough to show us the design is virtually identical to what we see in the Model 3 Ludicrous leak last week.

With this addition to the Service Manual, the release of these new Sport seats, at least for the Model S Plaid, is likely not very far behind. The question is whether these will be standard on all Model S Plaid orders going forward, or if these will be purchased separately through the Tesla Shop, or possibly even part of the $20,000+ Track Package.

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