Tesla to introduce upgraded seats in new Model 3 Ludicrous

Tesla has released its new Model 3 in Europe and China, but only in the Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) and Long (LR) variants. There have been hints the Performance variant will be faster compared to its predecessor, and now it looks like those performance upgrades will translate into sportier seats as well.

Last month we told you about the Model 3 Performance appearing in certification papers for Europe that hinted one of its dual motors could be replaced by one from the Plaid, giving it increased performance and acceleration, and helping to provide more top end speed. Then last week Tesla accidentally released some assets in their Parts Catalog and Collision Repair Manuals that supported this theory, showing there will be a new Model 3 ‘Ludicrous’ with sportier suspension and new wheels.

Now there has been another hint that the top-of-the-line Model 3 will offer improved performance. Tesla hacker @greentheonly uncovered some new assets in the latest software update showing a new “sport” version will have upgraded front seats. Based on the image the new seats will have much larger side bolsters, both on the seat and the seatback, that will provide additional support during high speed cornering. The entire seatback has also been redesigned and is now 1 piece, leading to a new headrest design that is similar to the Cybertruck’s front seats.

Here are the seats side-by-side, with the ‘base’ seats on the left and the ‘sport’ seats on the right.

This is an interesting departure from Tesla’s typical delineation between its non-performance and performance trims, which on the interior typically consists of only carbon fiber accents. Now the company is introducing an entirely new seat design reserved just for its fastest Model 3. Given the Plaid variants of the Model S and Model X will be even faster than the Model 3 Ludicrous, it would not be surprising to eventually see these seats, or a similar design with more support for high speed cornering, make their way into Tesla’s flagship vehicles. The new Model 3 does after all borrow a lot of design elements from the S/X to give it a more luxury feel.

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