New photo gives best look yet at Tesla Cybertruck interior

A new photo of the Tesla Cybertruck has been shared online that gives us our best look yet at the interior of the electric pickup truck. The photo was taken from the driver’s seat while the Cybertruck on display outside of Giga Texas.

During it’s last two times the Cybertruck was on public display, at Investor Day on March 1 and more recently at the Annual Shareholder Meeting on May 16, several new design changes were spotted, but attendees were kept at a distance and not allowed to sit in the truck. However it appears someone was able to get inside before it was secured and snapped a picture from behind the wheel for the first time.

The photo, which was shared on Twitter, gives us an up close look at the new hybrid steering wheel that is a mix between the yoke and round wheels. While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this wheel, it is the first time we have seen it this close, and it differs slightly from the both the Model S/X yoke and round wheels. Both of those wheels have touch buttons to replace the functions typically controlled by the missing stalks. One of the differences is this wheel appears to have no horn button, presumably meaning the Cybertruck’s steering wheel will have a center horn where the airbag is. Model S/X owners have been waiting for this function to be restored through a software update that was promised to be coming soon by Elon Musk more than one year ago.

Some of the other things we noticed while looking at this picture is the center console. Since Investor Day we knew the sixth seat in between the driver and passenger seats had been abandoned, but in this photo we get to see the center console that has replaced it. The retractable cover is designed to look like the tonneau cover, which when pulled back will reveal cup holders and a wireless charging pad, as seen during Investor Day.

We also get to see the Cybertruck has retained its custom software, although it has changed a bit and is definitely incomplete as the map shows the Cybertruck’s location as being at the Fremont factory, and not Giga Texas.

A couple of other things that caught our attention was the massive dash that looks to be several feet deep, and will be a pain to clean. This elongated dash also leads to a potential issue with the A-pillars, which look like they will block a good portion of the driver’s view out the front of the truck.

This design is of course quite a bit different from the original prototype, which you can see below, and it has garnered mixed reactions from fans online. What do you think of the updated interior? Do you spot anything else interesting? Let us know in the comments below.

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