Tesla Cybertruck goes on display at Investor Day revealing new details and features [Video]

Credit: @TeslaPodcast | Twitter

Tesla is hosting Investor Day at Giga Texas today, and the lucky few investors that got invited to the event are getting a chance to see the latest build of the Cybertruck. Tesla is not trying to hide it and placed a beta production build of the Cybertruck just inside the front entrance to the factory, giving us a glimpse of some new details and features that have never been seen before.

Perhaps the biggest exterior visual change, although it isn’t really change, is the return of the aero covers that were seen on the night the Cybertruck was first unveiled. All sightings of prototype Cybertrucks since then have had no aero covers, leading some to believe that Tesla had ditched the idea altogether.

The rear bed was also opened up to give us a great view of the new black bed liner, instead of the exposed stainless steel in the original prototype. The open doors also allowed us to see the custom Cybertruck door sills for the first time.

Although the frunk was not open, the body lines on the front of the Cybertruck make it look like the entire front end, including the headlights, will open, providing a massive opening for the frunk similar to the Ford F-150 Lightning.

There are more changes on the inside that we have never seen before. One is a brand new steering wheel that is a hybrid between the round and the yoke steering wheel. However this build does not include a driver’s display behind the steering wheel like which has been seen on previous prototypes.

A rear screen has also been added in between the front seats, just like the Model S and Model X. This view also shows the rear seats fold up to create more storage space.

The cameras on the Cybertruck also appear to be those that are going to be part of Hardware 4.0 (HW4). The front bumper camera from the original prototype has also been retained.

You can watch a walkaround video of this Cybertruck below. What other changes do you see? Let us know in the comments section below.

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