Tesla FSD Beta appears outside of North America

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta software has been installed on several cars outside of North America. The software was detected by third-party tracking services Teslascope and TeslaFi, and was found to be installed on cars in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, and Hungary.

The installs were first spotted by Twitter user Andy Dowling (@ie_andy), who noted that TeslaFi had one record of 2023.12.10, which was released earlier this week in North America and includes FSD Beta for new testers, which was installed on a Model Y Standard Range in Canberra, Australia. That discovery was later backed up with another record of 2023.12.10 being installed on a Model 3 Standard Range Plus (SR+), which was tracked on Teslascope.

Unfortunately the data collected by both Teslascope and TeslaFi doesn’t include whether it is an employee car, or just a member of the general public, but it is probably safe to assume it is the former and not the latter. As noted by local Tesla owner Jason Cartwright (@techau), this is the first confirmed report of FSD Beta in Australia, possibly indicating Tesla is getting close to a public release of the software down under.

The instances of FSD Beta being installed on cars in several European countries mentioned above is a little less surprising. As we have previously reported the automaker has been using employees to test the software in Europe for well over one year now, but it is a good sign that is expanding with the latest release of the software.

Tesla owners outside of North America have been waiting a long time for the release of FSD Beta in their countries. Tesla will still have to get regulatory approval from the European Union (EU) to release the software in Europe. That process could be underway already as CEO Elon Musk said in February that after the release of V11.3, the software would be adapted for EU roads and submitted to regulators.

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