Design firm gives sneak peek at Tesla Cybertruck and Refresh Model S UI

A New York based design firm has given us a sneak peek at the user interface (UI) for the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck, as well as the refresh Model S/X.

The design firm, Modern Grafik Anstalt, is founded by a man named Pawel Pietryka. According to his LinkedIn profile, he was Tesla’s Head of UI Design from September 2017 to March 2021, before leaving to start up his new company.

As part of his company’s website, there’s a section showing off their previous work in an attempt to woo new clients. Several pieces of that portfolio relate to Tesla’s UI and art design, most notably the Cybertruck and refresh Model S.

Cybertruck UI

Although we got to see glimpses of the Cybertruck UI on the night of it’s reveal, the short video gives us a better idea of the completely new UI. In the video we see how the suspension height adjustments work, buttons to open the vault cover, tailgate, and charge port, navigation UI, as well as a short glimpse of the HVAC controls, showing the location of the front vents appear to be behind the dash.

Obviously we’re still a long way from seeing the final product on the road, so the design is likely to change, but it gives us a good idea of the custom UI that might ship with the Cybertruck.

Refresh Model S UI

Another of the videos on the website shows off the refresh Model S UI. The images seen in the video match what is seen in the promotional material on Tesla’s website, but is very different than the V11 that was seen in a test vehicle last month.

The most notable similarity between the two is the sidebar on the left, which allows the driver to manually switch between drive and reverse as we saw in a short video last month.

Just like with the Cybertruck UI, this design could change before the first deliveries begin, which is hopefully soon.

You can watch the videos, as well as a couple of others from the website below showing off the possible Full Self-Driving (FSD) visualizations in their final form. If the video controls don’t appear for you, simply click anywhere on the video to play/pause. (h/t @kkvr2823)

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