Yukon introduces new electric vehicle rebate program

The Yukon government unveiled their new “Our Clean Future” plan on Monday which will offer new rebates on the purchase of electric vehicles (EVs), electric snowmobiles, and e-bikes.

The new rebates arrive as the territory aims to reduce their overall emissions by 30% compared to 2010 levels. In addition, the government wants to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

According to data from the government, more than half (54%) of the emissions in the territory are from road transportation, meaning EVs can play a big role in reducing overall emissions levels.

To encourage Yukoners to embrace electrification, the government is offering a new $5,000 rebate on the purchase of an electric vehicle. The rebate is retroactive to purchases made to November 14, 2019, and is in addition to the federal iZEV rebate.

Energy Minister Ranj Pillai told the CBC he thinks the new rebate will be popular as EVs have proven to be reliable in the frigid Yukon winters.

Electric vehicles are proven to be reliable, consistent and efficient in our cold weather, with many Yukoners using their electric vehicles year-round without issues.

With the plan, the government hopes to increase the number of EVs in the territory to 6,000 by the year 2030, or one in every six vehicles. To ensure those owners have somewhere to charge, the government will also develop a territory-wide electrified transportation network. Currently there are just 13 EV chargers across the Yukon.

Charging those EVs will also be green, as the government says 93% of the energy generated for Yukon’s grid will be from renewable sources by 2030.

You can apply for the Yukon EV rebate here. To be eligible, the EV must meet the following criteria:

  • must be battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell, long-range plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (battery capacity of 15 kWh or greater), or short-range plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (battery capacity less than 15 kWh);
  • Have a trim MSRP below $55,000, (excludes add-ons, accessories and other fees); and
  • If purchased out of territory, the vehicle must be registered in Yukon.
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