McLaren and BMW may develop a joint EV supercar: Report

The Germans and British may be working together to develop EV supercars jointly. According to the UK publication Car Magazine, McLaren and BMW are considering joining forces to develop an all-electric supercar and crossover.

Each of these vehicles would have its version for each brand. It would be a similar relationship that we see from the Porsche and Audi with the Taycan and e-tron GT.

Each vehicle has the same chassis and drivetrain, but the exterior and interior design would differ between the two models.

According to the source, the carbon fibre chassis would come from McLaren. While BMW would provide the electric drivetrain and batteries.

As well, BMW will also provide the software for the vehicle. However, the vehicle would be built in the United Kingdom.

This is not the first time that McLaren and BMW have been linked.

In fact, in 2015, Car Magazine published an article noting that the two brands would collaborate on a V-8 supercar. However, at that time, the rumour was squashed only two days later, repors Road & Track.

So, we are not 100 per cent sure that this is going to happen. However, we certainly hope it does.

BMW did not respond to the story, while McLaren provided a broad response and did not confirm the rumour.

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