CATL will supply BMW with cylindrical battery cells beginning in 2025


CATL announced that they reached an agreement with BMW to provide cylindrical battery suppliers beginning in 2025.

We reported earlier this month that BMW was moving to cylindrical cells for their next line of vehicles.

BMW believes that the move to these new types of batteries will drop costs by as much as 30 per cent.

BMW is not the first automaker to move to cylindrical cells. Tesla has long used cylindrical cells. The latest Tesla 4680 lithium-ion batteries hold about five times as much energy as the previous generation.

CATL and BMW have been working together for years, and not many people were surprised to hear that the two companies struck this deal.

CATL is in the process of setting up production at their latest factory in Germany. This plant will supply BMW, among other European automakers.

The company is also looking at potential sites for a US-based plant that would also supply BMW USA and other North American automakers.

Although not many details came with the announcement.

We do not know anything about the BMW New Class, nor do we know the size or capacity of these new cells.

However, we know that this move could be the first of many for mainstream automakers looking to get the most out of their EVs.

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