Tesla temporarily stops providing Mobile Service in Quebec

Tesla Mobile Service

One of the benefits of Tesla ownership is the convenience of Mobile Service, where Tesla technicians visit your home or work to complete repairs and maintenance on your vehicle.

Tesla owners in Quebec used to be able to take advantage of this program, but it appears the company has stopped providing it to owners in the province.

Multiple Tesla owners in Quebec have reported this week that their Mobile Service appointments have been cancelled. One owner, Oli Wood shared a message on the Tesla Model 3/Y Quebec Facebook group that he received saying Tesla is now launching an “express service program” where he can instead visit the Laval Service Center “where our technicians will process your repairs request on site as quickly as possible.”

Wood was given a date and time for his service visit, so it is unclear how this differs from a regular appointment booked at a Service Center.

It appears as though the halting of the Mobile Service program in Quebec could be temporary. We have heard speculation that it could be due to some mobile technicians being fired and that once Tesla has been able to hire more, the program will resume.

Tesla has not commented on the matter, and as such we don’t know the official reason why Mobile Service has been stopped and there is no timeline for when it might resume.

UPDATE July 16 9:32am PST: According to Audrey Dépault, Public policy and business development at Tesla, has confirmed on Facebook the stop is temporary and the mobile service program will resume, but no timeline was provided.

UPDATE July 18 9:17am PST: It looks like Mobile Service in Quebec may be back. We have heard from one reader who has an appointment today, and according to Twitter user @IBatrinac, the option is available again within the mobile app.

This could cause a lot of issues for Quebec owners as Quebec’s Service Centers are all located in or near the cores of Montreal and Quebec city. That leaves owners living in other areas of the province having to take a several hour drive, or pay for a several hour tow, to the nearest Service Center.

If you have been affected by this change with the Mobile Service program in Quebec or have more information about it, let us know in the comments below or reach out to us at tips@driveteslacanada.ca.

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