Leaked photo shows Tesla Cybertruck BIW frames and castings inside Giga Texas

A new photo has leaked from inside Giga Texas showing that Tesla is inching closer to the official start of Cybertruck production. The photo shows two Cybertruck frames with front and rear castings attached.

This is just the latest indication that Tesla is on track to deliver the first Cybertrucks towards the end of Q3, as suggested by Elon Musk earlier this year.

The photo, which came from an unidentified source, was taken in the M60 section of Giga Texas, as seen by the sign on the post to the left of the Cybertruck frames. According to a layout of the factory from drone pilot Joe Tegtmeyer, this puts these Cybertruck frames in the General Assembly #2 & #3 areas of the factory. (h/t: @Tslachan)

These Cybertruck frames and castings also show how far Tesla has progressed since earlier this year when a similar photo also leaked from inside Giga Texas. Back in December we saw our first glimpse of a Cybertruck frame. This was before the massive 9,000 ton IDRA Giga Press machines were up and running inside Giga Texas, meaning what we saw was likely put together at a pilot facility off site.

Now with two Giga Press machines producing Cybertruck castings, other leaks showing working Cybertruck production lines, and reports suggesting Model Y workers being moved to calibrate and get Cybertruck lines into production status this month, Giga Texas is closer than ever to the official start of Cybertruck production.

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