Video and photos leak showing Cybertruck production line at Giga Texas is up and running

The Cybertruck news continues with perhaps the biggest update of them all. New photos and a video have leaked from inside Giga Texas showing the Cybertruck production line is up and running.

There have been multiple sightings of the Cybertruck across California over the last few weeks, but in particular this week with several Cybertrucks being seen driven around and being towed to an undisclosed location. We knew that those Cybertrucks were likely built on Tesla’s pilot production line at the Fremont factory in California, but there is a possibility some of them were built on the official production line at Giga Texas.

That is because several photos and a video have been leaked from inside Giga Texas showing Cybertruck parts bin, what appears to be a stamped Cybertruck stainless steel door, as well as a Cybertruck frame sitting on a production line surrounded by Kuka robots. The photos and video were originally shared on Facebook, and posted to Twitter by Cybertruck enthusiast @greggertruck.

While it is very promising to see the Cybertruck sitting on the production line, it is likely still in the testing and calibration phase, meaning the vehicles that are rolling off the line right now will not end up in the hands of customers.

However with two Giga Press machines producing castings for the Cybertruck, and all of the other Cybertruck-related updates we have seen this week, it won’t be long before we finally see the first deliveries.

Here are some of the other important Cybertruck updates from this week.

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