Tesla Cybertruck frame spotted leaving Giga Texas

We have already seen evidence that Tesla’s Cybertruck production line at Giga Texas is up and running, and on Friday what may be one of the first complete Cybertruck frames built on that line was spotted leaving the factory.

During a drone flyover of Giga Texas earlier today, pilot Joe Tegtmeyer captured something being loaded onto a tractor trailer, before it was hidden underneath a retractable cover. While whatever was being loaded onto the trailer was under wraps, the indistinguishable shape made it clear that it was a Cybertruck. While Tegtmeyer says in his tweet below it was being delivered, he corrected that later to say it was leaving the factory.

We obviously don’t know where this particular Cybertruck frame was heading, but it was likely getting ready to be transported to Tesla’s Fremont factory for validation. This is where Tesla has set up a pilot production line and where all of the Cybertrucks we have seen on public roads testing so far have been built.

Based on the most recent reports, and from what we have heard from our sources, full Cybertruck production at Giga Texas could start next month. According to Tegtmeyer, the factory will shut down next week for about 5 days to upgrade the Model Y production lines. At the same time Tesla will be shifting some employees that were working on the Model Y over to the Cybertruck production line for final calibration and testing.

Other hints that Tesla is about to begin Cybertruck production is a recent update to the reservation page for some customers in the US.

You can watch the full drone flyover below. The Cybertruck appears at about 17:00.

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