Kelowna to consider new by-law that requires EV chargers at gas stations

In August gas stations and EV charging became a source of conversation in the British Columbia interior. Costco Gas is currently building a 24 pump gas bar in Kelowna, and to the surprise of many on Kelowna City Council, no EV charging stations were included in the plans.

Many councilors thought EV wiring was a requirement, but the council could not force Costco to construct EV infrastructure as part of their plans.

The city is now looking to change that. At a meeting on Monday council will consider a staff proposal to allow planning to add a new EV infrastructure by-law, according to a report from the Penticton Herald.

In addition to requiring EV chargers at newly built gas stations, the proposed change would also allow city regulators to mandate:

  • All parking stalls in new residential complexes to have EV charging wiring
  • This same stipulation would also apply to 10% of parking stalls in new industrial, institutional or commercial developments.

A city-sponsored online survey spurred on the language found in the bill. 223 respondents noted what they would like to see in terms of planning by-law changes in regards to EV infrastructure.

Kelowna would not be the first city in British Columbia to require new builds to include EV infrastructure. Many cities on the Lower Mainland, including Vancouver, have similar regulations.

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