Judge dismisses securities and defamation lawsuit

Elon Musk

A federal judge in California dismissed a securities fraud and defamation lawsuit as it lacked plausible legal claims.

Aaron Greenspan, who runs a legal document website, filed the lawsuit back in 2020.

Previously, Judge James Donato dismissed the case, but he offered Greenspan the opportunity to file a complaint on federal legal issues.

Greenspan alleged that Omar Qazi, a Musk fan, defamed him in tweets. He also claimed that the tweets were part of a coordinated campaign to praise Tesla and attack critics.

However, his claims on the federal issue failed to provide facts to support his allegations.

There is no word on if he will appeal this final decision.

On the other side of the country, a Judge in Delaware is expediting a case challenging Musk’s buyout of Twitter.

The judge said this on the case:

News Bulletin: Musk vs. Twitter: Th...
News Bulletin: Musk vs. Twitter: The Billionaire's Battle #shorts #news

While I’m skeptical of the plaintiff’s theories, and extremely skeptical at that, on a motion to expedite the strike zone is far larger for the plaintiff. It’s like the strike zone applied when Little League players start pitching their own games.

This case is moving forward, but it could quickly see the end unless the plaintiff can provide hard facts in the limited discovery window.

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