SpaceX is in talks with Malaysian authorities to bring Starlink to Malaysia

sqaure starlink dish

SpaceX representatives are travelling to Malaysia next week to discuss bringing the satellite-based internet service to the country.

The International Trade and Industry Minister noted that SpaceX still has some hurdles to overcome. However, he also stated that SpaceX is looking to expand its supply chain in the country.

Their (SpaceX and Starlink) intention is to see (if) this supply chain can be expanded among local companies, because with this new investment, they definitely need the support of a wider supply chain. And this will provide an opportunity for Malaysian companies to get involved in space technology in the near future.

Moreover, Malaysia is currently in the midst of a digital transformation.

The country produced a Digital Economy Blueprint to lay out the country’s plan to transform and develop a digital economy.

The scheme sees three phases that end in 2030. The plan would see Malaysia as a digital content and cyber security lead within the regional market.

Starlink is part of this plan and could be a springboard for the country.

However, the Malaysian Investment Development Authority confirmed that the negotiation process between Malaysia and SpaceX is at the midpoint. He stated:

The companies see the potential in Malaysia, and the government is currently facilitating the process to realise their proposed project in the country.

Starlink is not currently available officially in any southeast Asian markets, and Malaysia may be the first.

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