Tesla expanding operations at Giga Shanghai to keep up with growing export demand

According to a new document filed with the local government, Tesla is planning to expand operations at Giga Shanghai in order to keep up with growing demands for exports.

The document was filed on Tuesday, and detailed plans to add production workshops, increase the number of workers, and expand the time production equipment is operational.

The actual figures for each of the initiatives and the total size of the investment were redacted from the document. (via Reuters)

This latest investment would be in addition to the current project being undertaken to expand production capacity at Giga Shanghai.

Last year Tesla announced they are spending $188 million to launch the second phase of the production line optimization project, which is set to conclude in April.

As we told you about yesterday, Giga Shanghai’s annualized production rate is already almost double what Tesla stated in the Q4 2021 shareholder deck.

In January the factory churned out 68,117 cars, for an annual rate of more than 817,000 cars for 2022, significantly more than Tesla’s stated capacity of more than 450,000 cars.

Last year Tesla said Giga Shanghai had exceeded the Fremont factory as their most productive facility, and in turn made it their primary vehicle export hub.

Since then Giga Shanghai has exported upwards of 40,000 vehicles per month to Europe and other markets.

Tesla to spend $188 million to expand Giga Shanghai production capacity

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