Neuralink releases impressive video of monkey playing Pong with just its mind

One of Elon Musk’s other companies, Neuralink, has released a new video showing the incredible progress the company has made with its brain implants that will one day help paraplegics walk again.

Pager, a 9-year old Macaque, had a Neuralink implanted in its brain just six weeks ago. Since then he was taught to play a video game where he uses a joystick to move a ball around the screen. When he gets it in the target area, he is rewarded with a banana smoothie.

While playing the game, the Neuralink monitors his brain activity with the smartphone app and a Bluetooth connection. That data was decoded to be able to predict Pager’s movements in real-time.

As a result, Pager is able to control the video game with just his mind. He also shows off his impressive skills playing MindPong.

If this video gets you excited for the potential of Neuralink, the video ends with a call for people to join the team.

You can watch the full video of Pager below, as well as another video showing him playing MindPong with an overlay of his brain activity.

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