Older Tesla Model S/X vehicles now eligible for complimentary Autopilot camera upgrades

Owners of older Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles are now eligible to receive free Autopilot camera upgrades.

The offer is only valid for those owners whose car was built prior to September 2017, and who have purchased Full Self-Driving (FSD).

Tesla announced the free upgrades by sending some owners a message through the mobile app that their cars were eligible for the program. According to a copy of the message shared by @SiRSONIC on Twitter, owners can request the upgrade by scheduling a service, also through the mobile app.

“As an owner with Full Self-Driving Capability and early production cameras, you are eligible for complimentary Autopilot Camera Upgrade. Camera replacements are required to access a continuously expanding suite of Full Self-Driving Capability features.

To arrange your complimentary camera replacements, schedule a new appointment from the Service menu in your Tesla App. Select ‘Schedule Service’ > ‘Upgrades & Accessories’ > ‘Autopilot Camera Upgrade’.”

Along with the message, Tesla has also updated the support page on their website with more information and the eligibility requirements.

According to the page, the upgrade will only take about one hour, and can be performed by Mobile Service. You can check out all the information here.

The upgrade program comes just a few weeks after Elon Musk confirmed that Autopilot 2.0 owners would require them in order to receive the FSD Beta software.

This means early Model S/X owners who have a high Safety Score will soon be able to download the software.

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